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The influence of the Tramuntana on the wines of Empordà is fundamental. This north wind creates an ideal microclimate, with its freshness and dryness that cleanses the air and regulates temperatures. This results in healthy vineyards and ripe grapes with complex flavors and aromas. The Tramuntana also contributes to a daily thermal amplitude, favoring balanced ripening. This essential wind adds a unique dimension to the terroir of Empordà, allowing the production of distinctive wines that reflect the landscape and climate of the region.


Mas Oller is located in a privileged location between the sea and the mountains, influenced by the northern wind, the tramontana, and a diversity of soils including clay, sand, and slate. This project conceptually and geographically unites Northern Catalonia, Empordà, and Languedoc, producing expressive and fresh wines. The estate boasts 17 hectares of vineyards in production, with red varieties such as Garnacha, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon, and white varieties such as Picapoll and Malvasía.

The vineyards surround the house, and the grapes are manually selected both in the vineyard and then in the winery. All musts undergo cold maceration to achieve the maximum expression of aroma and color. Mas Oller's philosophy focuses on recovering the winemaking tradition of Empordà with a modern interpretation of wine.



Mas Oller is a historic estate located in the region of Petit Empordà, in the legendary wine area of L'Empordà, where the culture of vine and wine was introduced by the Greeks around 600 BC. The estate is situated in the municipality of Torrent, boasting impressive views of the Medes Islands and the walls of Pals, and is surrounded by lands extending around a 17th-century farmhouse. In the past, the estate underwent significant changes, such as the uprooting of vineyards and olive trees in the 1950s to make way for monoculture of cereals and massive livestock farming. However, the ancient holm oaks, destined for the production of the region's prestigious corks, were preserved.

Since the 1970s, the estate has been owned by the Esteva family. In the year 2000, Carlos Esteva, owner of the renowned winery Can Ráfols dels Caus, decided to rescue the family estate from oblivion. He carefully reconstructed the farmhouse and located the winery in the old cowshed. Additionally, he decided to replant the vineyards in what was once considered the finest wine estate in Pals, aiming to produce quality wines while respecting Empordà tradition but innovating in various aspects, from vine cultivation to vinification. Initially, the first wines produced by the young vines were sold locally. Over time, the vines have matured enough to produce the desired fruit concentration. Today, Mas Oller has become a benchmark winery in the Empordà Designation of Origin, with wines that reflect a philosophy seeking uniqueness and expression of the terroir where they originate. With almost 400 years of history, Mas Oller is a living testimony to the wine legacy of the region and its ability to adapt and thrive over time.

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